cattle panels used for deck rail

Patent US5887549 - Cattle stanchion - Google Patents

A cattle stanchion has a frame ... means for sliding the top rail can be used to move the top rail ... Control system for a livestock pen panel: ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Patent US7293813 - Double jointed hinge and foldable deck ...

When the deck panels are in ... Double jointed hinge and foldable deck ... a second deck panel removably attached to a catch rail, said second deck panel ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Patent US7406801 - Watertight decking - Google Patents

The watertight decking is assembled from extruded panels to form a watertight deck ... None of the above inventions and patents, ... Interlocking panels and rail for ...[ Online Inquiry ]

US3799490A - Portable slatted animal pen floor forming ...

A portable form for casting in place suspended slatted monolithic-type floor panels or sections of uniform size for animal pens. This same inventive concept may be ...[ Online Inquiry ]

US20070246696A1 - Fencing system in particular for deer ...

Fencing system including elongate posts adapted to be secured to the ground, fence sections each arranged between an adjacent pair of posts and including downward ...[ Online Inquiry ]

US4640544A - Vehicle construction - Google Patents

An enclosure adapted for use on a trailer or a vehicle flat bed comprising at least two panels on ... deck, or even a second cattle ... with each rail, ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Patent US6250861 - Side rail for flatbed trailers and ...

A side rail (10) mounts on the load carrying deck of a transport vehicle to facilitate ... and more particularly to a side rail that is used to facilitate ...[ Online Inquiry ]

US7562864B2 - Fence splice cover assembly - Google Patents

A fastener is used to connect the first ... and wood (picket, split rail, etc.). The materials used to construct a particular fence ... Constructional panels ...[ Online Inquiry ]

WO2000000706A1 - Partition walls and parts therefore ...

The whole planks are preferably made of extruded plastic panels and are provided ... constitute a rail. This rail may then be used for extending ... Deck plank ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Patent US6499783 - Convertible flatbed utility stock ...

1. A convertible utility and stock trailer utilizing a base flatbed trailer with detachable components for the transport of livestock, the invention comprising:[ Online Inquiry ]

Patent US2904002 - Parlor stall for milking and feeding cattle

119 z7 This invention relates t a parlor stall for milking and feding cattle. Parlor stalls are used ... At the opposite end of the rail 19, thefront panel ...[ Online Inquiry ]

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