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College Review by J-Cat: Swarthmore College

Mar 28, 2010 ... The campus almost looks like it belongs permanently in spring, with dollhouse-like white trim and fences everywhere and gorgeous, well maintained grounds ... However, Swarthmore is also competitive in graduate school placement for professional schools such as business, law, and medicine, as it was ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Pecatonica River IV | Miles Paddled

Jun 19, 2016 ... There are three unnatural obstructions in the first half-mile: two wires (probably electric) and one metal fence. The two wires can be easily ducked under without concern. I pushed the fence forward and then bent down to pass underneath it. Even in the pushy current I passed beneath this unscathed. Still, it's ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Poem of the Week: 'The Word' by Maxine Kumin - The Atlantic

May 19, 2017 ... loft up over the four-foot fence. Read the full poem here, and find more of Kumin's work for The Atlantic here. Annika Neklason. 2:00 PM / May 12, 2017. Poem of the Week: 'Birches' by Robert Frost. Ints Kalnins / Reuters. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, this week I'll share some verse by a poet ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Poem of the Week: 'Among the Redwoods' by E. R. Sill - The Atlantic

Jul 28, 2017 ... This week I left Washington, D.C., behind and returned to the coastal town in Northern California where I grew up for a brief respite from the late-summer heat and humidity pervading the capital. To mark my homecoming, here's a bit of E. R. Sill's haunting “Among the Redwoods,” from our December 1884 ...[ Online Inquiry ]

GEICO to expand local operations, creating 600 jobs | WBFO

Aug 9, 2016 ... GEICO exceeds hiring goal. By Chris Caya • Jun 19, 2013. Chris Caya WBFO News. The so-called "Oracle of Omaha" was in Amherst Wednesday marking a milestone at one of his companies.[ Online Inquiry ]

Mormon Creek | Miles Paddled

Aug 28, 2014 ... For sane paddlers, access issues, low water, and oh so many down trees will reasonably disabuse you of kayaking this stream. .... Three points surrounding the bridge are gated off and the only accessible path has a No Tresspassing sign but it's off the road and more directed at a fence set back from the ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Turtle Creek II | Miles Paddled

Jul 23, 2013 ... Not just one but a few turtles, as well as a couple blue heron, two deer, ducks, geese, one giant fish (which looked like a carp) and three cows (not in the water but behind a farmers fence, thank-you-very-much). The environment is a mix of tree-covered canopy and tree-lined banks to stretches where you'll ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Brags on Facebook About Having Sex ...

Nov 17, 2017 ... The Keystone pipeline leaked, spilling 5000 barrels of oil near the small South Dakota town of Amherst. White House ... Ohio Supreme Court Justice Brags on Facebook About Having Sex With 'Very Attractive Females'; The Nazis Loved Decaf; California Unveils New Pot Regulations: P.M. Links · Christian ...[ Online Inquiry ]

What Young Feminists Think of Hillary Clinton - The Atlantic

May 15, 2015 ... To young women like Sylvie Edman, a 20-year-old student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Clinton embodies "corporate feminism," which ... She's particularly troubled by Clinton's support of the 1996 welfare-reform bill her husband signed and of the Clinton-era crime-fighting legislation that, ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Black Bears in Ohio

Guidelines to Enjoying Ohio's Expanding Black Bear Population. ... Unfortunately, unregulated hunting and habitat loss rendered bears extirpated from Ohio by 1850. Today, Ohio is again home to a small but growing population of black ... Secure beehives-place electric fencing around beehives. Crops-pick fruit from berry ...[ Online Inquiry ]

List of College Colors: Gear Your Pup Will Look Great In

A list of college colors by state and team so your pup can sport your team's colors and have team spirit just like you! Wear your school colors with pride.[ Online Inquiry ]

Poem of the Week: 'Wants' by Edith Wharton - The Atlantic

Jun 16, 2017 ... Oh, womenfolk, as we once burned our bras could we not torch the footwear crucifying us? … Our feet and spines will unknot, and high heels will fade from consciousness along with foot-binding .... loft up over the four-foot fence. Read the full poem here, and find more of Kumin's work for The Atlantic here.[ Online Inquiry ]

Illegal vs. undocumented: the debate over immigration language on ...

Nov 13, 2012 ... A congressman from Ohio: "The reason they are called 'wetbacks' is because they get wet in coming across, is it? ... My only sense in those days of Mexicans had to do with the farm workers movement in California, where Cesar Chavez was trying to codify laws to protect what then were known simply as ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Raid! National Guard, State Police descend on 81-year-old's ...

Oct 7, 2016 ... AMHERST — All that remains of the solitary marijuana plant an 81-year-old grandmother had been growing behind her South Amherst home is a stump ... and separated by a fence from any neighbors, the plant was nearly ready for harvest when a military-style helicopter and police descended on Sept. 21.[ Online Inquiry ]

Anti-war banner at Amherst College sparks 9/11 outrage | Boston ...

Sep 12, 2017 ... Amherst College officials blasted a “deeply insensitive” anti-war banner hung from a campus building, roiling the western Massachusetts.[ Online Inquiry ]

private police force - The Morning News

It doesn't help that the requirements to become an armed private security guard are lax in many states. Just four states require mental health evaluations. Few conduct ... AMHERST POLICE DEPT. $114,497.97 ..... Ohio State University got a mine-resistent “ambush protected” vehicle. Not to be outdone, the Department of ...[ Online Inquiry ]

George Clooney Rehashes 'Kiss My Ass' Rant Against Steve Bannon

Sep 10, 2017 ... “Here's the truth: if Steve Bannon had Hollywood say, 'Oh, this is really great, and a really good script,' and had they made his movie, he'd still be in Hollywood ... The star said the “genesis” of the film's screenplay came from watching Trump's campaign speeches about “building fences and scapegoating ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Clemson University Bans Students from Making Harambe Jokes ...

Sep 26, 2016 ... Note that Clemson isn't just banning specific Harambe jokes it considers to be in bad taste—such as "dicks out for Harambe," which is a racist microaggression and possibly a Title IX violation at UMass-Amherst. It's banning all Harambe-related displays. Students are still allowed to say the word "Harambe," ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Mecan River III | Miles Paddled

Jul 17, 2016 ... That is, until we came upon a barbed wire fence in the middle of nowhere, eventually followed by another (they're usually in sets of two). .... eye can see; to a hardwoods forest of oaks, ash, maples, sycamores and oh so many pines, to a spongy bottomlands of wet fens, seeping springs, and fanned out ferns ...[ Online Inquiry ]

Black Earth Creek I | Miles Paddled

Aug 23, 2013 ... Franklin's Tower, if you will) but the put-in at Morril Road was a non-negotiable non-access point with farm fencing downriver and really tall, thick growth, upriver. So I looked downstream at Blynn Road. It also didn't look great and I literally would've only paddled a few hundred yards on Black Earth Creek ...[ Online Inquiry ]

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